This blog will be my daily diary of sorts. Since I am a couple years out of college and am finally at a settling down point in my life, it is as good as time as any to start getting healthier. Here is a brief history of myself regarding my health and exercise habits. To put it simply, I have never been a skinny girl. I was very active as a child and continued to be through college but never “skinny”. I was most fit the last 3 years of college but have gotten away from that since graduating. Part of my problem has always been that I like food, I can’t help it. Part of my journey will be finding that balance between food and exercise.

This will be my way to share what I am learning and going through when it comes to eating habits and exercising. I started the end of 2013 off right by joining Planet Fitness. I hope to continue down the path to healthiness. You are more than welcome to take the journey with me as I am ready to go Back to the Basics. Please feel free to comment with tips or questions on each post.

Thanks everyone!


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