Dancing, Dancing, Dancing: She’s a dancing machine!

Coca Cola is pushing the boundaries of marketing. They have taken technology and mixed it with dancing as a means of marketing.

Coca Cola has taken the Microsoft Kinect technology and put it into their vending machines. So instead of paying for a drink, you have to dance for it! They tried this at a movie theater in South Korea and it was a hit. The more accurate the dance moves, the more free Cokes you get. As you can see in the video below, a crowd gathers quickly around the vending machine. This is a great way to raise brand awareness.

This is a whole new type of consumer interaction. Coca Cola has found a popular way to get their consumers involved in their brand. It also involves other versions of emerging media such as gaming and celebrity endorsements. The game follows the moves of a popular boy band in South Korea, 2PM.

Coca Cola also takes advantage of our natural need for competition. Clearly, everyone standing at this vending machine wants a shot to earn more Cokes than the person for them. It also attracts a very wide range of people, thus leading to a larger audience.

I think this is brilliant and would absolutely join in the fun if they placed them here in America.

What about you? Would you dance for FREE Cokes?


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