To Infinity and Beyond!

Red Bull just hosted an amazing and historical event. Felix Baumgartner successfully jumped from 128,000 feet (about 24 miles) above Earth.  This record-breaking jump can be seen here.

Prior to this jump, the record for a freefall jump above Earth was 102,800 feet. Here is a list of records broken on this jump:

–          Highest jump from a platform (128,100 feet)

–          Longest distance freefall (119,846 feet)

–          Maximum vertical velocity (833.9mph or Mach 1.24)

A digital record was also broken. It broke YouTube’s live stream with most concurrent views record coming in at over 8 million people tuning in to see the fall. Red Bull effectively marketed this event through social media. They used Facebook to drive engagement and views of the live showing they had event. They also used it to focus on the advancements and challenges of the mission as well as the scientific data they will collect. This was an obvious success based on the broken YouTube record.

Due to the event and within the last week, Red Bull has added 180,000 subscribers to its YouTube Channel. They were also able to broadcast the jump live through partnering television stations. These were established by Red Bull Media House.

This 5 year process literally made history and Red Bull has broken down walls for the marketing world. They turned the social media world upside down and expanded the marketing possibilities. In my opinion, Red Bull has changed the face of publicity stunts. They have turned them into marketing tools and they will no longer be thought of as a cheap way to gain awareness.

Congratulations Red Bull, marketing as we know it is gone and I expect nothing less than this for companies to come. That’s what I call raising the bar!

To view the head camera version of the jump, click here.

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One thought on “To Infinity and Beyond!

  1. Julie, excellent write up! Not only were social media sites talking about this event, but traditional media sites were as well. I caught the NY Times article last week. This makes me think at how much more successful publicity stunts can be in today’s world. Twenty years ago, your client baked the world’s biggest cookie and you landed in the papers the next day. Today, you have the ability to hype it up so much more through social media and it has an even longer lasting effect due to multimedia and blogging. Red Bull did a really extraordinary job with this one. The stunt, in-line with their “daredevil” brand image, boosted their media impressions and increased their followers through social media. I’m sure the stunt itself was an expensive endevour but it certainly met their goals by the numbers. More brands should take advantage of this cooky creative ideas in order to get more out of their social media experiences.

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