1 Billion, 2 Billion, 3 Billion, MORE!

Facebook hit 1 billion users a month, last Thursday October 4th. That is a HUGE step for the social media giant. But a better number to look at is the number of friendships made on the site.

According to Chris Taylor of Mashable.com, there are 140.3 billion friendships on Facebook. That essentially means we each have, on average, 140.3 friendships each. Peer opinion and influence is a huge factor on social media sites so maintaining that average number of friendships is important. It means people are bringing people to the site. They are actively using Facebook and turning it into a marketplace of friends.

As marketers, this is essential. Consumers look to their friends for opinions on products or brands. This is why Google and Bing have started incorporating social media into their search engines.  It is not often people willingly post something that will be disliked by their friends on Facebook. Most people want their status to be “liked” or “shared”. That is the whole point behind sharing it in the first place. I think marketers need to start/keep evaluating what their consumers are doing on other people’s profiles, not just their own. The interaction between friends can tell just as much about a person as the information they are posting themselves. You never know what picture or post you may be tagged in.

What do you think? Do you think marketers could find out more about you by looking at how you interact with your friends? 

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