Buzz, Buzz, Buzz goes the Bee

Building buzz about your brand is important and it does not have to be difficult. Creating buzz online is all about the conversation. It is “word-of-mouth 2.0”.  Consumers like products that have been shared or recommended by their peers. This is why Google and Bing have started incorporating social media posts in their search results. Here are a few tips I have found that work for building buzz.

First: Join social media

It seems obvious but is the best way to start. As of September 2012, there were 950 million users on Facebook alone. In June 2012, Twitter passed 500 million users. There is bound to be a set of people on either of those sites interested in your brand. Also try sites like LinkedIn and Google +.

Second: Keep it simple

If there is one lesson I learned through all of my advertising classes and experience, it is to keep it simple. Not all consumers are at the same level so the simpler the content and message, the better. Since the number of messages has increased due to the Internet, consumers need to be able to remember yours. Short and sweet. No fluff needed.

Third: Make it memorable

To go along with the above, your message should stand out among the rest. Add some personality to break through all the clutter.

Fourth: Make it your own

The best thing you can do is create something that is your own. Do not try to do what others are doing. It is good to keep an eye on the competition but do that and learn from their mistakes. Find what works well for you that doesn’t work for your competition.

Lastly and if possible, give it out for FREE!

According to Malcolm Faulds of Advertising Age, Free samples are always good. If they have something they have not tried, it could be a conversation starter. Conversation is what it is all about. It starts that connection between you, the brand and the consumer. They could also be conversation cues. A hat or a sticker could be the perfect accent to a brand conversation starter.

To sum it up, join social media and keep the messages simple. Make it memorable but make it your own and if possible, give it away. These are just a few ways I have found that work to build buzz. It’s a start at least.

Let me know if you have any other suggestions. I would love to add to my list.


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