Get Schooled on YouTube

While researching this week’s assignment on mobile advertising, I came across this app. It is an educational game for Scholastic. The app is called Sushi Monster. It teaches common core math skills and was created by Blackdot. It has different levels of addition and multiplication. Kids can build and correct equations to feed the monster. This is just one type of emerging media used for educational purposes.

This app though is obviously for home use but it reminded me of a conversation I had with my mother. She is a teacher and I asked her why her school bans YouTube. I understand the main reason, because anyone can post anything, but there are so many education videos and tools on it, it would be helpful. This brought me to a new search and I stumbled upon YouTube for Schools.


It is a new tool that allows teachers to access educational material while limiting non-educational content. Integrating videos into education can spark new conversation and build engagement within the classroom.

An example of this is the Chicago Public School systems. They recently lifted the ban on YouTube to expand digital learning in the classroom. According to the New York Times, this allows students to explore the site safely and teachers are able to privately store and share their information as well.

Switching the classroom to digital technology is at the benefit of the school and they should take advantage of it. As a college student, YouTube videos were a huge help and professors used them in class often. Since the world is going digital, it would only make sense for classrooms and education to benefit from it.


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